Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Playoff Picks

Baltimore @ Miami: Baltimore. Miami doesn't have the offense to win this one.

Philadelphia @ Minnesota: I like Philly. Donovan McNabb has the experience to make this happen, at least for one round.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Well, I won my fantasy football league championship, but my Patriots were left out in the cold for the RL playoffs. Still, 11-5 after losing the best quarterback in the league (you hear that Peyton? Tom Brady is *better* than you) is nothing to complain about. How many teams in the league could lose their starter, turn the team over to a guy who hadn't started a game since *high school*, and still win eleven games? Oh, right. Playoff match ups.

Atlanta @ Arizona: Atlanta. I mean, which Arizona team will show up? They haven't exactly been on a hot streak and they just laid down and died against the Patriots. Still, they do have that explosive passing game. I just think the winner is going to need to be able to run the ball and Michael Turner is better suited to it than anyone Arizona can come up with.

Indianapolis @ San Diego: Indy. San Diego is another team just happy to be in the playoffs. Indianapolis has too much experience in these games to lose to the Chargers.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Final Week Picks

Today is the big game! Now, I know you're thinking that I'm talking about the Patriots, and Jets-Dolphins, and all that, but no, today is the championship for my fantasy football league and I'm in the title game. Woo. hoo.

Now down to business:

St. Louis @ Atlanta: I've moved Matt Ryan to be my starter in fantasy football in case Tony Dungy decides to let Jim Sorgi get used as a tackling dummy by Tennessee instead of Peyton Manning. I'm going to put my money where my mouth is: Atlanta.

Kansas City @ Cincinnati: Jeez. Cincinnati has momentum after last week? I dunno. Cincy.

Tennessee @ Indianapolis: Indy.

New England @ Buffalo: I have to go with the Pats.

Detroit @ Green Bay: God, I just have to think Detroit will win a game this year, but it just doesn't make sense that it would be this one. GB

NY Giants @ Minnesota: Giants.

Carolina @ New Orleans: The Saints, in a mild upset.

Oakland @ Tampa Bay: TB

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh: Cleveland loses, and Romeo Crennel loses his job.

Miami @ NY Jets: /me sighs. I will root for the Jets today.

Chicago @ Houston. Bears.

Dallas @ Philadelphia: Philly

Seattle @ Arizona: God Arizona sucked last week. Arizona

Washington @ SF: SF

Jacksonville @ Baltimore: Baltimore, sadly.

Denver @ San Diego: San Diego

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Grrr...I didn't miss that there was a game last night. I simply forgot to post. I *DID* pick Baltimore however to jack up the 'Boys. Obviously, the pick can't count BUT...yeah...I started Matt Schaub instead of Romo on my fantasy team this week for just that reason. :P

And what of the rest of my picks this week?!!

Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns: Gah. I hate to say that even to fans of either team this game is just kinda...meaningless. Of course I'm taking the Browns though.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tennessee Titans: My money's on Tennessee & home field advantage here.

San Francisco 49ers @ St Louis Rams: I think the Niners are the better team I'm going with them!

San Diego Chargers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Bucs can stay in the playoff hunt with wins...and I think they'll get one today.

New Orleans Saints @ Detroit Lions: Yeah...Saints. Poor Lions. :(

Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs: Gotta take what has really shaped up to be the most interesting division race in the league.

Arizona Cardinals @ New England Patriots: Weather is crucial here...and I just don't see any way the Cards can win this one. Pats theoretically stay in the playoff hunt...realistically tho? I don't think they have a shot. Sorry Dot. :(

Buffalo Bills @ Denver Broncos: Broncos of course. Playoff bound.

New York Jets @ Seattle Seahawks: Holmgren vs. Favre. Advantage, Favre. And the stage is set for next week's AFC East championship-deciding game between the two most improbable teams we could've imagined at the outset of the season.

Houston Texans @ Oakland Raiders: Texans. Duh.

Atlanta Falcons @ Minnesota Vikings: Really this is Peterson vs. Turner. I think Matt Ryan gives Atlanta an advantage...and I'm taking them.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins: Eagles stay alive with another win.

Carolina Panthers @ New York Giants: The G-men have something to prove this week. And I think they'll prove it with a win.

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears: Gotta go Bears at home!

Snow Bound Picks!

Okay. I don't know how I missed that there was a game last night, but Kit missed it as well and Tony Romo is her fantasy QB so I don't feel too badly about it. I'm more concerned about fantasy football playoffs, and the fact that several of my players are hurt. Of course, my opponent this week has Kurt Warner as his QB and it is snowing like crazy here in Boston so that's not going to help him one bit.

On to the picks:

Cincinnati @ Cleveland Cleveland wins the battle of Ohio

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee I'm fascinated by this one. I'm taking Pittsburgh

San Francisco @ St. Louis SF, for reasons unknown to me.

San Diego @ Tampa Bay Tampa Bay is unbeated at home. No reason this won't continue

New Orleand @ Detroit Please let Detroit win a game. New Orleans will win this one though.

Miami @ Kansas City /me sighs. Miami

Arizona @ New England New England, given the weather

Buffalo @ Denver How in God's name did Buffalo lose to the Jets? Marshawn Lynch should tear up Denver's defense. I'm taking Buffalo

Houston @ Oakland I like Houston, which has turned in a respectable season.

New York Jets @ Seattle I can only wish the Jets will lose. They won't.

Atlanta @ Minnesota I like Atlanta and Michael Turner to have a big game.

Philadelphia @ Washington Philly

Carolina @ New York Giants Flip a coin. Carolina comes up a winner!

Green Bay @ Chicago Da Bears, and a big defensive game to seal the victory for my fantasy team.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Night Special

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville. It's playoffs time in fantasy football and Peyton Manning is my quarterback. I know, I know. As a Patriots fan my head should explode with this cruel state of affairs. Still, Peyton needs to put up big numbers for me tonight. Do you hear that Peyton? Do you hear that Tony Dungy? I want Peyton throwing every time in the red zone, or quarterback sneaks from the one. Just do it! Oh, Indy should win this one.

Tonight's Game...

I'm taking the Colts. ;)